inaria soccer

Founded in 1999, Inaria has only very recently been re-imagined as a boutique soccer brand specializing in truely tailored kits and team apparel. Working together with their team, I made a small contribution to the continued evolution of their identity through an assortment of kinetic graphics and illustrations that capture the nature of the sport at heart.

aLearning platform

aLearning is an in-house educational platform developed by Adastra; a data consulting company based in the Czech Republic, Canada, and Switzerland. The goal was to create a visual language that complimented the parent company’s identity while portraying an academic feel.

roadhouse music

Roadhouse Music established itself as a progressive and energetic new events company for the 19+ crowd in the summer of 2015. This body of work is a compilation of the promotional material comissioned by roadhouse to reflect their dynamic spirit in a vibrant and eye-popping manner.


noizee toronto

Noizee Toronto is an event-based rock series comitted to creating an engaging nightlife as well as a safe space for the 16-19 crowd. Designs and illustrations were commissioned to help establish Noizee as the "youth rock community" of Toronto in 2016.


collider events

A mini series of pay to play events organized by Noizee Toronto was named Collider Events in homage to the often very eclectic turn out. The brand design attempted to reflect that idea with an aesthetic resembling a cut-out paper collage.

beautifully crafted illustrations and designs to inspire, to insight, and to instill a bit of wild curiousity for your brand

about the artist

Antonio J. Rodas or more commonly known as "Tonio" can currently be found studying design at George Brown College or occasionally slurping ramen at various locations downtown on cold winter days.

From a young age was fortunate enough to be exposed to the traditional practice of neon sign-making and hand-drawn design through his father's work − specifically with the infamous Brothers Markle.

This influence fostered a great passion for the graphic arts and an appreciation for the meticulous nature of their craft.

Merula Creative, a moniker dedicated to his father's love of avian creatures, is the embodiment of that obsessive commitment to craft and it's secrets, and seeks to elevate brands and business with the same allure one might associate with Merula's titular feathered friend, the black bird.